Entry #1

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I’ve decided to start a series here on Medium. I’m not sure if anyone will read this, but I want to write it. For the last six months, I haven’t been writing. I’ve been trying to figure out my life. Spoiler, I haven’t.

This series is going to be a daily journal. Instead of writing it in a notebook or in my notes app, I’m writing it here on Medium. My thought is, maybe someone else will have the same thoughts as me. This journal will include a wide variety of things. One day it could be a movie I watch and my thoughts about it. I could talk about how the movie made me feel. Or a post that day could be about a podcast I listened to. My point here is this series will include everything.

Hot Boxin’

For this first entry, I want to talk about the show Hot Boxin’. This is Mike Tyson’s podcast/show. I’ve just recently discovered it. Actually, just two days ago I found out about it.

I watched half of the episode with Saquon Barkley today. This show is unlike any other. Tyson is such a huge personality, it’s amazing to watch him interact with other professional athletes or just guests in general. What I like most about it is the fact that it’s just a conversation. The guests don’t have anything that they are pushing (like movies or books). Instead, Tyson is just shooting the shit with them. I love this because you get to see a different side of these athletes. (I’m using the word athletes because the two I’ve watched have both been athletes.)

If you have never seen this show, I recommend it. It’s been a breath of fresh air in the content world.


This part of the entry is going to be just a few thoughts I had today. It might not make a lot of sense, but I figured I’d share.

Recently, I feel like I’m drifting away from my friends. Maybe it’s because of the pandemic. Maybe it’s because I’m growing as an individual. Maybe it’s something else entirely. Honestly, it doesn't matter the reason. What I’ve tried to do is take a step back. At first, I was upset. But then I realized that if I was feeling this way, there must be a reason. Finding out what that reason is, is the hard part. But for me, I want to grow as a person. If that means growing apart from my friends, then so be it.

As I said at the beginning of this post. This is will be a daily series (journal). So if anyone is reading this, let me know what you think. Have you had some of these feelings before? Have you seen Hot Boxin’? Did you hate this post? If so, why?




Former Indy Ball Player turned writer. Contact: alexpeters0525@gmail.com Personal website: https://www.onthesportsfield.com/

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Alex Peters

Alex Peters

Former Indy Ball Player turned writer. Contact: alexpeters0525@gmail.com Personal website: https://www.onthesportsfield.com/

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