It’s Been A While.

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I took a break from writing. Probably for a little too long. Well, at least too long for my liking. There may be 0.1% of people on this platform that knows who I am. But I’ve tried to take a step back and figure out what I want to do with my life.

If you’ve read one of my articles before, then you know me a little bit. Actually, one of the last pieces I did was about how I got a job as a mailman. Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read that yet. But I hated it. I shouldn’t say I hated it. I didn’t mind the job itself. The work was super easy, but it wasn’t what I signed up for. I was working six or seven days a week with random days off. This wasn’t how I wanted to live my life. I like routines. I like schedules. The post office didn’t allow for either of those things.

We’ve all been going through the same thing. A global pandemic. So, I’m not the only one who lost their job because of COVID. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I started to do some reflecting on my life. It might be hard to imagine, but at just 24 years old, I felt like I needed to change some things. I needed to figure out what makes me the happiest and make a plan to achieve that. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those articles that pretend to have all of the answers. I still haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do.

Thankfully, I’ve taken some steps toward what I think makes me the happiest. I just got a new job at a baseball facility. For me, this is huge. Baseball has been a huge part of my life and I’m thrilled to have the ability to help grow the game.

I’m using this article as a precursor. Basically, I want to start writing again. I have my own sports blog, but I’ve taken a break from that. I want to use Medium to help grow my skills as a writer. Not only that, but I want to use it as a way to help grow myself as a person. I want to start a series on here. In its simplest form, I’m going to start a daily journal.

This journal will have a couple of benefits. First, it will help me get back into writing consistently. Second, it will help me express my feelings externally. Who knows if anyone will actually read my articles, but they will be there. A daily post about what I did that day and how it made me feel. What are things I thought about on a specific day. I’m trying to work on myself as a person, and I believe this series will help.

If you end up enjoying the series, that’s great! My hope is that someone reads it and completely relates. This is a platform where writers of all different styles and skill levels come together. In our simplest form, we are all people. We as people have self-doubt and questions about the future. This series will help keep me grounded while simultaneously growing as a person.




Former Indy Ball Player turned writer. Contact: Personal website:

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Alex Peters

Alex Peters

Former Indy Ball Player turned writer. Contact: Personal website:

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